mini Lobularia Maritima necklaces
hydrangea necklace
moon necklace with forget m nots
moon necklace with vervain
dragon flower necklace
cassiea flower necklace
hydrangea necklaces
dragon flower necklace
dragon flower necklaces
vervain necklace
buganvilla necklaces
polemonium leaf necklace
forget me not ring
forget me not barcelet
forget me not necklaces
vinegar tree leaf necklace
apple flower necklaces
red berry leaf necklace
pansy necklaces
forget me not earrings
rose hearts necklaces
rose hearts necklaces
violet necklace
Dichondra argentea necklace
pansy necklace
rose necklace

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Hi! I'm Petra, the owner and designer of aTinYTrIP! I love to create new things and i have the best team who hepls me in everything! My boyfriend, who always help me out if i stuck in something, and my 2 dogs. They take care of me during work and give advice : )

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