About Me

My name is Petra Kovács, i studied for glassdesigner at Fine and Applied Art School at Budapest, Hungary.
I always liked to make things with my own hand. My parents taught me, the best gift is always made by hands.
I really liked to draw when i was a child and my parents said me if i like this so much then i should go to an art school. Then i got permission to an Art school at Budapest. I loved it! Those years were so cool in my life!
I love the Tiffany technique and i would like to show you how diverse this method is by my jewellry, decorations and lamps!
I always loved the nature and amazed by it, it doesn’t matter where i am.
I feel so sad about the animals because of our actions so i decided i wanna help them so I support the WWF – Save The Polar Bears !
I’m happy i can help them with my products!

about me

About Me

Hi! I'm Petra, the owner and designer of aTinYTrIP! I love to create new things and i have the best team who hepls me in everything! My boyfriend, who always help me out if i stuck in something, and my 2 dogs. They take care of me during work and give advice : )

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