F O R E S T collab



Let me introduce you the FOREST collection our collab with @oszlanszkiart!
Marcsi makes really kind illustrations with forest animals but you can find some magical moments from Harry Potter also in her feed.
Both of us are nature hanging and we spend our free time in nature. We enjoy the clear air, the amazing landscape and the beautiful details of the forest.

We think everyone should spend more time outdoors to slow down a little and learn to listen to the wonders of the world. This shared approach inspired the FOREST collection, where I included beautiful little paintings by Marcsi in glass jewelry. Each is a wonder piece with a limited number of pieces. 
Circle Fox; Gentle Fox; Pine-marten; Rabbit; Owl

TinYTrIP’s basic concept is to express love and respect for nature. I would like to bring people closer to nature to slow down a bit for a more sustainable future. There is a fascinating relationship between nature and their wildlife that we share. With my jewels, I want to strengthen this relationship with people❤🌱🌊 All my jewelry is silver plated with a stainless steel chain.

About Me

Hi! I'm Petra, the owner and designer of aTinYTrIP! I love to create new things and i have the best team who hepls me in everything! My boyfriend, who always help me out if i stuck in something, and my 2 dogs. They take care of me during work and give advice : )

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