Art Exhibition

I am extremely happy because “Save the Wildlife” is my first serious exhibition and it is an amazing feeling You love it like me! Thank you so much!
Now i would like to share my works with you here also.
As i wrote it before the exhibiton, each piece of jewelry comes with a 3 part series of photos which can help you to understand our feelings about climate change.
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P O L A R    B E A R

Polar bears lose huge areas due to warming. They are starving because they do not have enough hunter areas.

Koalas are not only at risk because of deforestation. Unfortunately, koala fur is a valuable item on the black market.

The gorilla’s homes are constantly being destroyed for agricultural land.

The lynx is one of the endangered species due to hunting.
Yes it is me on the photo, I formed the lynx. My feelings showed up about climate change.
There is a part of the Blue Planet 2. where a round-headed dolphin family is in pain because a mom lost her child. She was still-bornt because of the plastic pollution in the oceans. It can be the mom who caused her baby death. Her breast milk was poisened by the pollution. 
I was thinking on this at the photoshoot and i just started to cry. So these are my emotions about this topic..

The blue whale is the largest animal in the world, a wonderful creature with a huge heart. Yet they drown in polluted waters.

About Me

Hi! I'm Petra, the owner and designer of aTinYTrIP! I love to create new things and i have the best team who hepls me in everything! My boyfriend, who always help me out if i stuck in something, and my 2 dogs. They take care of me during work and give advice : )

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