Save The Wildlife / Mentsük meg a Vadvilágot című ékszer és fotográfia kiállítás

This project means a lot me,  i’ve worked on it for months.
 I have put all my feelings and energy in it.

The project was born as an effect of the climate change. It is aiming to raise public awareness.
10 unique glass jewelry made by me, modeled on endangered animals. Each piece of jewelry comes with a 3 part series of photos which can help you to understand our feelings about climate change.
I hope our feelings will reach You.

There is a phrase ” The eye is the mirror of the soul.” You can see what i’m talking about on the first picture of a series. You can see loneliness, sadness, angry and pain in the eyes. Everyone of us felt what the animals feels.

It’s not a happy photoshoot as the climate change either. 
I would like people to wake up and start to think about the future because we do not have that much time we think. 
It’s time to act and made the right decision to have a livable future.

Second picture is more dynamic we wanted to show our power, passion and deep feelings. 
As you can see many of us chose to grab hair and head to express emotions. 
It has a lot of meanings. For me it means a few aspects like
– hiding from people who hurts us,   
– hiding from reality because it is too painful to accept what’s going on,
– close to crying because of loneliness, want some help but noone is coming…
– trying to cover her ears, she doesn’t wanna hear people’s lies and empty words.

Did you know that Vietnam Antelope, also known as Szaola, is extinct according to the World Conservation Union list?
 This beautiful animal is dead due to poaching, the best part of is they make the traps to catch tigers and elephants.
However, thanks to these traps the saola population is even less now.
There are hardly a few hundred specimens. You can’t see them in zoos because detention causes the animal to become depressed and die.
On the last photo we show you the cause of extinction of the animal. 
Here you can see a trap caused wound and a gunshot wound.

The last photo is not just about pain and wounds but asking for help!
I asked the modells to imagine themselfs as an animal and ask for help from people.
Everyone did a great job and i’m really thankful to the crew to help me to create this project.
I hope my feelings reach You. We need You to change our Future, every little step means a lot!

This serie was the Vietnam Antelope’s. There is 9 more at the exhibition.

You can visit the Exhibition at Fabrik (Visegrádi st. 14. Budapest) until 4th of December.

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