Water of Life

This wave means a lot to me not because of ukiyo-e but the meanings behind!
When i made the Wave my hands were guided by my emotions.  

I always loved Japanese culture and amazed by their steely discipline.
There aren’t so many nations where the honor is presented for the nature day to day.
Not just for their own lifes but they respect for the nature as well! It means a lot for me.

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stainedglass lamp

There is a famous ukiyo-e artist i like, he inspired the Water of Life, Katsushika Hokusai.
My favorite from him is The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
I wanted to mold that power which the nature has. That momentum, robustic power which is appear in this mystery material.
The little ferns are symbolized the life which couldn’t exist without water.
The top is ourselfs reflections.
I would like people to think for a moment seeing my work where we are going…

during work

Water of Life is a beautiful glass sculpture, shows as how amazing the nature around us…without the lights.
With lights on, we can see the real side of our actions, the Wave has some parts went gone (by the mirror) that we don’t wanna see and accept what’s going on. I wanted to put my feelings and thoughts in this work and everytime i take a look at it i just feel i made it successfully. Because it’s so heart-breaking to realise one part of the water is gone by the mirrors… 

wave lamp
wave stainedglass

There are a lot of symbols of the mirror but no ones is positiv.
There is a phrase like ” How can you look in the mirror?” So i think if our conscience is clear it doesn’t matter how many mirrors coming up.
But unfortunately nowadays we are less and less whose able to do it…

By the way the water is a very symbolic material!
 One of the strongest symbolic is feminity which is usually illustrated in ukiyo-e.

The nature is more stronger than we think… it doesn’t mean we don’t need to take care of it, it means it can sweep away us in any minute…
I would have liked to capture this  overwhelming power.

tiffany ocean lamp

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