Polar Bear Glass Trophy

A dream came true with this project we made with Bence, who always wanted a trophylamp like me. He is very talented in 3D art, you can check his work- Ecohunt 

polar bear tiffany lamp

Our dreams met this spring and we started the course as soon as we could. While we were planning this Polar Bear we had many ideas for other projects too!
I’m really happy we met and made to start this!

tiffany wall lamp

I love polygons like Ecohunt uses so it’s just simple awesome!
Bence designed and prepared the shape!
I used his patterns for cutting the right shaped glasses, then i foiled them and used the 3D model to fix them in one big form.

tiffany bear lamp

I made it with Tiffany ( stained glass) technique and used a very special glass for it, it’s a Spectrum  half transparent white glass. Beautiful piece!
In the end i put black patina on it. It adds more contrast to the white glass.
The result is just simply amazing and beautiful! I fell in love with it to be honest! 
Pictures below you can see it with yellow and white lights too!

bear tiffany wall lamp
polar bear tiffany lamp

We would like to offer an alternative to trophys made by real animals.
I really hope we can set in motion something …

If you would like a Glass Trophy, contact us! 

bear wall lamp glass

FOX Glass trophy wall lamp

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